Cornerstone Customizer Settings

Here specify your design options for the Cornerstone plugin. These options will be organized differently depending on how you’re utilizing Cornerstone. you will find three sections added to the Customizer that give you options to specify various overarching styles for your shortcodes:

  1. Layout – the “Cornerstone – Layout” section has a few options to specify dimensions for various elements on your site. Base Margin is used to determine how much spacing should be between elements. You’ll want to make sure this is matched to your site, and a good way to typically do this is to figure out how much spacing is applied to the bottom of your paragraphs on your website, and then use that unit of measurement here. The Container Width and Container Max Width settings are used for any of the containers used in your sections on the page when activated. This is used to keep your columns contained from the edges of your site.
  2. Typography – here you will want to match these colors to the same colors used for your links on your website. These will then be used throughout our shortcodes for various elements to create a cohesive look that fits in with your website’s color palette when needed.
  3. Buttons – here you can specify your global default button styles used for our shortcodes. You can tap into the various styling options and colors to find the perfect fit that matches your theme.

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