Navigation Menus

If you are new to WordPress and don't know how to use the WordPress navigation menus, then I would suggest  you to  look at this WordPress Menus User Guide. This theme has 4 different navigation menus. 

  • Slide In Menu
  • Primary Menu
  • Footer Menu
  • Mobile Menu

Slide In Menu: This is the navigation menu icon (often called as Hamburger icon ), located on the header, mostly next to the search icon.

Primary Menu: This is the main navigation menu area which is mostly displayed in the header and takes most of the space, also referred to as main navigation menu bar.

Footer Menu: This navigation menu is displayed in the footer. 

Mobile Menu: This navigation menu is displayed on mobile. Since mobile has very less real-estate and we have to make the most out of the screen, the mobile displays only one navigation menu bar which you can manage using this menu location.

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