Layouts Editor

Layout Editor has set of options which will give you full control on the layout style and design.

Global Style

Sidebar Style

This option allows you to change the design of the sidebar. Below you can see what the Style 1 & Style 2 looks like.

Primary Font

This option allows you to choose the global font for the website. It will be applied everywhere on the site.

Content Font

This option will change the font of the Post content.

Layout Width

This option allows you to define the global container width of the website.

Boxed Layout

By default, the website is fully wide, meaning it goes from the left side of the screen to all the way on the right side. If you want a boxed layout, then you can do that by enabling this option.

Pagination Options

We have 3 types of paginations in this theme. 

  1. Next / Previous
  2. Numbered
  3. Load More

Let's cover them one by one.

1. Next / Previous

This is the traditional Next / Previous Pagination.

2. Numbered

Numbered pagination shows the list of pages that are available.

3. Load More

The load more pagination shows the next set of posts dynamically using Ajax and Javascript. It even changes the URL of the page dynamically, combined that with our analytics integration with this pagination, every load will  automatically be counted as a pageview. There are options which allows you to load the first 2 pages on the scroll and then display a load more button from the 3rd page and so on. This approach is one of the most innovating in the WordPress themes market.

Let's go through the options:

Auto Load Pages

This option allows you to define how many pages should dynamically load before the Load more button shows up. Default is 2.

Distance To Load More Posts

Preload the next page before nth pixels. Suppose if you want to load the next page dynamically but you don't want to show loading icon to the visitors, then using this option will allow you to make the next page available without showing them the loading scroll. So as they scroll, the next page will be available for them to browse.

Load More Text

This option allows you to change the text on the load more button. 

Post End Text

When you reach the end of the posts, this is the text that gets displayed. You can modify that text with the help of this option.


Header Style

This option allows you to change the design of the header. There are 3 different Styles available for Header.


Header 1

Header 2

Header 3


This option will allow you to show or hide the search icon in the header.

Header Border

This option allows you show / hide the border below the header. This is very helpful because when you want to make a clean and white layout, sometimes you will need a separator between the header and the layouts and sometimes you don't, so in those cases, this features comes very handy.

Wide Header

By default, header gets the Global Layout width option, but this option allows you to override that value for the header and make it 100% width.

Transparent Header

First, let me show you how the transparent header looks like. 

The transparent header takes the Featured area's image and merges with the header, making it look slick and modern. So, that's how it looks if you enable this option and if you disable this option, you will see the classic header with white & border on the bottom of it. The classic header still gives you options to control the background and design.

Header Background Color

This Color picker option allows you change the background color of the header

Menu Font Color

This color picker option will allow you change the color of the navigation menu text.

Menu Font Hover Color

You can also control hover color of the text.


Footer Style

We have 2 different footer styles + light color scheme option. Let's see how the footer styles look like. 

Footer 1

Footer 2

Light Colored Footer

Enabling this option will make the footer in the light color scheme. Let's see how the light scheme looks like.

Light color scheme Footer 1

Light color scheme Footer 2


Post Headline Style

We have 2 different styles for the Post Headlines. Please check them in the below image.

Post Style 1

Post Style 2

Post Content Style

Post Content Style changes the layout's content area in the posts. Let's take a look them:

Style 1 Small

Style 1 Normal

Content Font Size

You can change the font size of the article with this option.


Enable this option to display the dropcap, and disable to hide it.

Featured Image

If you want to display a featured image automatically above every post content then enable this option.

Sticky Share Bar

This is the social sharing bar that sticks on the left side of the screen. If you want to display it, then mark it as 'Checked', otherwise uncheck it.


These options displays the tags at the end of the post

Social Sharing

If you want to display social icons below the posts, then enable it. Otherwise, you can disable it to hide it.

Author Area

This option allows you to show or hide the About the author description below the single post.

Related Posts

To display related posts below the single post, you should 'Check' this option, otherwise uncheck it to hide it.

Ajax Load More Posts on Scroll

This is an innovative feature which loads next article on the scroll. The most visited pages on any websites are the article pages, and if you could optimize those article pages and make it easy for users to explore the website, then it directly results in higher number of pageviews and lower number of bounce rate which is the two most important factor in the SEO. Any marketer or webmaster would kill for these results. 

To enable this feature, simply click on checkbox and that should initiate this feature on your website.

Single LoadMore Style

This option is a child option of the 'Ajax Load More Posts on Scroll'. You can manage the layout of the post that automatically loads on scroll.

Auto Load Pages

You can define how many article it should load automatically.

Distance To Load More Posts

If you wish that the next article should be ready to serve the users without showing them the old-fashioned loading icon, then you can do it with the help of this option.

Load More Text

This option allows you to control the text that this written on the load more button.

Post End Text

When you reach the end of the posts, your visitors will see a message. You can edit that message from here.


Background Color

You can change the background color of the website with the help of this color picker.

Color Scheme

This color picker allows you to pick a color which will be then applied to all over the site in a very subtle way.  

Background Image

If you wish to apply a background image to the website then this upload image feature will allow you to do so.

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