Cornerstone: Interface – Settings

The Settings pane in Cornerstone is used to manage a wide variety of special options and items, as well as custom code for that particular page if desired. Whenever you first arrive at the Settings pane, it should look something like the following:

At the very top the first thing you’ll notice are our familiar action buttons, which in the case of the Settings pane are used for adding custom CSS and JavaScript to your page. Clicking either of these buttons will cause a full-featured code editor to appear, which you can use to easily manage page specific code. When editing the custom CSS, your changes will appear instantly as you add them. Adding code to the custom JavaScript section will need to be saved to ensure that nothing breaks in the process of typing out your code.

Below that we have some sections for various items. First will always be the WordPress Settings section, which houses options such as your page title, comments toggle, et cetera. If you’re editing a page, you will see additional options to set the page parent, page template, et cetera.

After that you will find a section for managing special elements. At this time, only Responsive Text is managed here. Simply add any responsive text elements you want to add via the sortable inside and manage it like any other sortable throughout the interface. These types of elements must be managed here as they have no physical output, but instead inject a specific set of functionality into the page.

Finally, there is a section with a quick link to the Customizer to manage global styling options if desired.

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